How to get your dog to be your best friend

A dog can be the best friend you have, even when he’s not looking after you, according to researchers.The findings could help with pet health and welfare.Researchers from the University of Bath and the University College London have used a pet-tracking system to look at how dogs’ emotional states affect their behaviour and health.The researchers say they are able to […]

How to Create a New Game From Scratch

The world is in a state of flux.A year ago, the internet was still largely in its infancy.There were hundreds of different games on the web and many of them had gone viral, but the internet had not yet become an enormous and dominant force.That changed last year, when we saw the rise of mobile gaming, as more and more […]

Spooky spider web eyeliners for a good cause: Singer-songwriter, fashion designer and makeup artist Amber C. Webb says she’s inspired by the spooky web

Amber C and her husband, composer/vocalist/producer/producers Joe C, are working on a project that aims to “provide a unique opportunity to create a community that embraces and supports diversity.”The two recently launched their own company called WebLiner, which is based in San Francisco and currently has offices in New York and Los Angeles.Their website says it’s a “comprehensive line of […]

Which colleges will be the first to adopt bitcoin?

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