Why are there so many fake news stories on WhatsApp?

Why are there so many fake news stories on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp, the popular messaging app for users in India, is one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms.

But its users are now using the app to spread fake news on social media.

According to data gathered by news aggregator Snappi, Whatsapp users in the last six months reported nearly 500,000 fake news articles, with nearly 70 percent of them being false.

Whatsapp claims that its algorithms check fake news, but the company’s data does not reflect this.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Report, WhatsApp spokesperson said: “We are actively monitoring our platform, our apps and our communities.

We do not track our users’ content.”

This claim is misleading, and Snappis data does show that users are spreading fake news across the social networking app, which means that its users, or at least its users in general, are using the service to spread false news.

According to data collected by news aggregate Snappii, WhatsAPP users in July and August reported a total of 5,819,868 fake news items in the feed.

These are not the only articles.

Users also report that they have shared fake news from other platforms and shared these with each other.

In total, about 3.2 million people reported sharing fake news over the last three months, according to the company.

According the data, Whatsapps users in August shared 7,904,000 articles, but these are not just articles.

The company’s analytics team also collected data from Whatsapp’s communities and found that the average number of posts per day on Whatsapp is around 7.8, which is below the number of people who have posted articles on Facebook, which averages around 15,000 posts per week.

According the company, the average post is created by about 5 people and views are shared by only 1.6 people.

As per Snappie’s data, about 7.3 million users shared content in the app in August.

Of these, the company says about 1.5 million were users from India, while the rest of the users are people from other countries.

About 50 percent of the fake news shared on Whatsapps platform is from users in Europe and the United States, according the data.

The fake news also seems to be coming from Facebook users, according Snappies data.

According Snapp, Whats apps user base has been growing over the years, and as the number has increased in the past year, it has become the most popular platform for users to share fake news.

But according to Snapp’s data and the data shared by Whatsapp itself, the majority of Whatsapp user base is comprised of Indian users, who, the social media company claims, are only a small percentage of the overall users.

The number of users sharing fake articles in Whatsapp has grown from about 1 million users in June, to over 2.6 million users, which represents a significant increase.

The growth of fake news in Whatsapps user base appears to be fueled by its increasing use on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As of this writing, the number is about 10 million users on Whats Apps platform.

Snappi says it collected data on the fake articles shared on WhatsApp from June to August, and it found that, in July, the app received more than 3.4 million articles.

It also found that over 70 percent were fabricated, and around 70 percent contained fake news content.

The app said it is working to get more accurate data on fake articles and content on Whats apps platform.

According Whatsapp to the Jerusalem Report: “To date, our platform has not received more fake news than any other social media platform in the world, which we believe is due to our efforts in the community to identify and flag content that may be fake.”

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