When Google’s electric grill gets more expensive, the students are getting sick

A group of students from Weber University in Colorado is facing a new and unwelcome expense: electric grill that will cost more than $10,000 a year to run.

On Tuesday, the Weber faculty senate passed a resolution that requires the university to begin “reimbursement of the cost of operating” the electric grill.

“The Weber Faculty Senate has decided that we will have to pay the cost for the Weber Electric Grill,” said a letter to faculty from Julie T. Bostock, chair of the Weber Faculty senate.

“That means we will need to spend at least $10K over the next two years on the Weber grill.”

The resolution was passed unanimously by the student senate.

Weber says it’s only paying the university $10 a year for the cost to run the Weber electric grill and will not seek reimbursement for the extra cost.

“We don’t want to burden the university,” said the school’s associate vice-president for student affairs, Karen Smith.

Bostocks statement says the university is “aware of the current situation,” and will look into the issue further. “

As a university, we have to make sure that our students are not disadvantaged because of the costs of maintaining and operating our electric grill.”

Bostocks statement says the university is “aware of the current situation,” and will look into the issue further.

“There is no reason that the university would not seek financial assistance from the university for operating expenses,” she added.

“At this time, we are working with Weber’s financial advisors to determine the appropriate course of action.”

BOSTOCK said Weber has not made a formal decision on reimbursement.

“It is a matter of negotiation between the university and the Weber family,” she said.

BOSTICKS statement came after students at the University of Texas at Austin, which also has an electric grill, said they would begin using the Weber in April.

The University of New Mexico and the University at Albany in New York are also using the electric grills.

But Weber says there are no plans to use the Weber at the university.

Weber said it will begin charging the Weber’s owners $10 per month for electricity and $25 for water for up to four years.

Weber also said it would reimburse the Weber owners for the fuel used for the grill.

Students say Weber is subsidizing the students’ tuition.

The Weber family says the Weber was purchased in 1998 for $7,500.

The university says the grill was sold to students in 2014.

Students at the Texas A&M University in College Station say the Weber will only last as long as it’s being used.

“I am not aware of any plans for the future use of the grill, and we are not planning to use it for any other purpose,” said student Chris Levesque.

“All the students should be relieved that Weber has finally come to terms with its students.”

Students at other universities have said the Weber is a waste of money and are calling on the university’s president to reimburse the students for the purchase.

“If you buy an electric grille from us, you are paying for the maintenance and upkeep of that grille,” said Weber student Hannah S. Jones.

“So if we were to take the Weber out, it would be a waste.

It would be very sad.”

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