Weber portable grilling system comes to Canada

Weber portable grilling system comes to Canada

Weber is launching a new grill that is designed to fit in the back of a van, to help it travel between places in the country.

The Weber Portable Grills come to Canada, and will be manufactured by Canopy Growth, and be available for pre-order beginning Friday.

The grill will feature a stainless steel cover, and a stainless stainless steel grill basket that’s welded together using a 3D printer.

The lid will be made of ABS plastic.

“We’re a bit of a novelty,” said Matt Leblanc, vice president of product marketing at Weber.

“It’s a little bit of novelty.

It’s a lot of fun.”

The grill’s design is a lot more modern than Weber’s previous grills, which were mostly made of wood.

Weber says the new grill is much lighter than previous models, and is made with recycled plastic.

It also has a carbon filter, and can be used in a van or pickup.

The trailer for the grill will be available by the end of March, according to Weber.

There are also plans to release a new Weber BBQ grille, which will feature an LED light and grill lid.

It will be sold as a pre-sale item starting this summer.

The new grill also has an LED lighting system that will allow you to control the grilling by looking at the LED display in the grill basket.

“You can use a digital display, or use a remote control,” Leblanco said.

“A lot of times, we’re going to do the grill itself, but if it’s something that you’ve never done before, you can use the remote control.”

Weber is also offering a second grill, called the Weber Portable Electric Grills.

The two will be produced by Canopic Growth and be sold separately.

“The two grills will be similar in design to the Weber original grills,” LeBlanc said.

Weber also has plans to build a second factory in the province of Saskatchewan.

The company will open the factory later this year and build its first grill at a site in Red Deer.

Weber expects to build the first grill in 2019.

“This is the biggest development we’ve made in 20 years,” Leblade said.

The project will be funded by Weber’s investment in Canada, which has been one of its biggest draws.

Weber has built about 50 million square feet of production facilities worldwide, and plans to open another facility in 2019 in Quebec.

Weber is not the only Canadian company building grill systems.

The Canadian Automobile Association estimates there are about 600,000 grill makers operating in Canada today.

The industry is growing faster than any other part of the economy in Canada and is expected to grow by about 10 per cent over the next five years, according the association.

“As we move into the second decade of the 21st century, it is important that we continue to take advantage of the opportunities and innovations offered by the next generation of technology and the new digital landscape,” the association said in a news release.

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