Susan Weber, star of ‘Useless Web,’ dies at 85

Susan Weber, star of ‘Useless Web,’ dies at 85

Susan Weber (born Susan Weber) was a star in the 1950s and 1960s television sitcoms “Useless” and “Weber State University.”

The late actress was best known for her role as Susan Weber in the Useless Web series, a fictionalized version of her life that aired on the Disney Channel from 1959-1963.

The show centered around the love life of the character’s love interest, the eccentric inventor Dr. Norman Weber.

Weber starred in numerous films, most notably the 1963 musical, “Dancing in the Dark,” which was adapted for film by the American film producer and composer Richard Rodgers and was nominated for three Academy Awards in 1965.

Weber’s most notable film role was in the 1977 comedy “The Man with the Golden Gun,” which earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

She also starred in the TV movies “The Wedding Singer,” “The Marriage of Figaro,” and “The Woman in the Iron Mask.”

She died on Saturday, Oct. 29, at the age of 85, according to her daughter, Lisa Weber.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Helen Weber (Norman’s wife) and Paul Weber, who worked as a writer and producer.

She began her career as a child actor, starring in films including “The Good Wife,” “My Fair Lady,” “Tootsie,” and the 1963 film “Dance in the Black,” which also starred Barbara Streisand.

She graduated from the New York University School of Drama in 1952.

In 1956, she starred in her first feature film, “I Can’t Stand the Silence.”

She appeared in the films “The Great Escape” and the 1970s TV series “The Wild Wild West.”

Her final film role, “The Wannabe King,” won her a Best Actress Oscar nomination in 1969.

She died in Manhattan, New Jersey, on Oct. 30, 2017.

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