Why are there so many fake news stories on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp, the popular messaging app for users in India, is one of the world’s most popular social networking platforms.But its users are now using the app to spread fake news on social media.According to data gathered by news aggregator Snappi, Whatsapp users in the last six months reported nearly 500,000 fake news articles, with nearly 70 percent of them being […]

How weber got her job in web developer jobs

Posted June 26, 2018 12:28:19After years of working at a startup, I was invited to work on an upcoming product.I was excited.After all, it was a dream job, and I had done a lot of work on the previous startup’s product.It was a new start for me, and there was no doubt that I would succeed.I had a lot to […]

How to get a job as a web developer: This is the answer to the ‘How to get your first job in tech’ question

Developer jobs are often one of the most sought-after positions in the tech industry.But the job market for web developers is a notoriously difficult one.“It’s an incredibly competitive market,” says Joe Cunha, a Web Developer Career Guide author who recently published the book How to Get Your First Job in Tech.“There are so many great people that want to be […]

Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Next Big Thing In Sports Blogging: The Next Webcast (And How To Watch)

The sports blogosphere is full of rumors and buzzwords, but there’s one thing that doesn’t seem to be mentioned enough in the mainstream press: what’s next.And for those of you wondering why that is, it’s not just about the big-time players, but the next wave of content creators who are coming up and who are starting to dominate the landscape.It’s […]

How to make a fake G-1 movie using Caffeine and Cucumber

The Caffein and Cumber web series is a series of articles detailing how to make an imitation of the hit movie “Coca-Cola and CUCumber,” using a Cucumis Caffeinated web server as a CGI movie camera.The fake movie was created using the Caffeinator plugin, and is currently the #4 most-trafficked blog post on Caffeination.org, with the average post receiving over 3,400 […]

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