How to get your dog to be your best friend

A dog can be the best friend you have, even when he’s not looking after you, according to researchers.The findings could help with pet health and welfare.Researchers from the University of Bath and the University College London have used a pet-tracking system to look at how dogs’ emotional states affect their behaviour and health.The researchers say they are able to […]

The next big thing for web banking: kylas Weber

The next major banking service will have to be web banking.At a panel at the RSA 2017 conference, co-founder and CEO of kylasi Weber announced that they will be releasing their new service at the end of 2017, in conjunction with a crowdfunding campaign.Weber will use her startup, Klei, as the foundation to build this service, with the support of […]

Which companies are losing the most?

Recode’s Peter Kafka is reporting that the number of companies that are “in trouble” has grown in recent months.He said that, in fact, the number has “continued to grow.”The news comes amid an uptick in layoffs at other tech firms.In January, Facebook announced it was shedding around 1,000 jobs.In February, Amazon announced it would cut more than 400 jobs, and […]

How I made $2.8m from Spotify ad deal and more with Spotify’s

Axios has acquired a significant stake in Spotify, bringing the company’s revenue to over $2 billion.We are the largest advertising platform in the world, and we are investing in brands to deliver compelling ads to people’s devices, with advertisers spending over $6 billion a year on ads on YouTube alone.Spotify’s platform offers advertisers unprecedented control over what their ads are […]

Feds ask state agencies to help with tracking bear web clinic

Federal officials are asking state agencies in Washington to help track a controversial web clinic that’s causing a firestorm in the state.The Department of Natural Resources is asking for the assistance of the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection to track down the clinic, which is located in the community of Twin Falls, where the fire started earlier […]

Which job titles would you like to get?

Weber, a former digital marketer, said he was interested in working on social media and online advertising for the firm.He also said he’d like to be involved in marketing and product design.“I have always been interested in social media,” he said.“That’s something I’m always looking to expand into, so I’m excited to see where this goes.”Weber has worked at advertising […]

Charlotte’s Web’s latest homecoming: Weber tabletop Grill & Bar opens at 7 p.m. (updated June 11, 2018)

The Charlotte’s web cafe is closing and the company’s owner says the move is part of the company being restructured and is taking a new approach to its operations.Charlotte Weber, the world’s largest home delivery service, will shut down its website and mobile app and replace it with a new WebOS-based WebOS site, Weber announced Wednesday.The move will come with […]

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