New app aims to keep you on top of your news

New app aims to keep you on top of your news

A new app aims for that same goal: keeping you on the top of all the news you read.

New York City-based ad agency Waze is launching a new ad platform that will let you read the latest headlines and find out what’s trending.

The app, called The News Feed, will be available to download on mobile and desktop.

It’s an effort to bring the news to the masses and to give users more control over what they read, according to the company.

Users will have the ability to read the headlines, and even read other people’s stories.

The News Loop, which Waze calls a “virtual news station,” will track which stories are getting the most attention.

It will allow users to click on a story and read it from the top, and to scroll down and then back up to the top or bottom of a story.

The news will also appear on the home screen.

Users can add other stories to the news loop, as well as see a list of the top stories from the past 24 hours.

“We’re not looking to replace newspapers, but rather to make the news available to a wider audience,” Waze founder Chris Anderson told Business Insider.

The platform, which launched in March, is free to download.

Users have a choice of reading a story for free, or they can pay $9.99 to see the headlines for a full day.

For a limited time, users can get access to Waze’s social network and get notifications about news events.

The site also lets users search the web for new stories.

A Waze spokesperson said the company has been looking at ways to give people more control of their news consumption.

The company has experimented with different formats, including a newsfeed that allows users to swipe up to read headlines.

Anderson said it will also be available for free to users who subscribe to the service.

“Our goal is to get people reading the news for the first time on their smartphones and tablets,” he said.

“People have been wanting a simple, clean, curated news experience for quite some time,” said Daniel Ostrovsky, the head of social media at Waze.

The Waze app is still in its early days, but the team has already had a lot of success with the platform.

Earlier this month, the app helped the company to win the first round of the Google Play Video Game Awards.

It also helped the app gain more than a million downloads in its first 24 hours on the app store.

In addition to its social network, the company also launched a news app, Waze News, in June.

The news app was also featured on the Apple TV.

Anderson said Waze has been using the app for a while, and he is confident the app will be a success.

“The way people want to consume news is different from how they consume TV,” he added.

“I think people are going to find it easy to read stories on their phone, and on their iPad.”

Waze launched The News Grid, a news feed that allows you to scroll through news headlines on the screen.

The new app will also allow users the ability and opportunity to customize their News Feed experience.

Anderson added that Waze wants to be able to build the News Feed to match the context of the stories that they’re interested in.

The team has spent the last few months designing the News Grid to be accessible and user-friendly, and the app is designed to make that happen.

“People want the most current information they can get in a very user-focused way,” he told Business Insiders.

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