Google Duo has a new ad that says ‘dude’ in the background

Google Duo has a new ad that says ‘dude’ in the background

Google is adding a new video ad to its Duo messaging app, and it’s aimed at users who are tired of hearing about their dog’s breed and its pedigree.

The video is a nod to the company’s recent announcement that its newest messaging app Duo would become available on iOS, Android and Windows.

The app is the latest addition to Google Duo, which also includes the Duo app for Windows phones and tablets.

Google Duo on iOS is a Google app, but the app on iOS has been redesigned to be more family friendly, Google Duo said.

It’s designed to be a “fun, family-friendly experience for people who have young or elderly family members who want to communicate with one another.”

Google Duo also offers a “simple and natural way to keep up with the family” and a “great way to make friends” for people “who aren’t on social media.”

Google Duo for Android is a new app for Android phones, and features the Duo family as well as other apps from Google.

The Duo app is available for free, and the company said it will start charging for the Duo feature in the coming weeks.

Google said the Duo apps will continue to support older devices.

For the first time, the Duo chat app is being updated to add a “family” option, Google said in a blog post.

The Duo app also offers an Instagram feed that allows people to tag and share photos with each other.

Users can create custom groups, but Google Duo users can only tag each other and not share photos, Google added.

Duo has been criticized in recent months by some dog owners and breeders for what they consider a lack of accurate information about their dogs.

The company also is trying to address some of the concerns by releasing a new version of its Duo app to replace the older apps.

Google said it also is updating its search results and will be rolling out a new feature to make it easier to find information about dog breeds and the breedings of pets.

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