Charlotte’s web series draws in fans with ‘real world’ experience

Charlotte’s web series draws in fans with ‘real world’ experience

Charlotte, North Carolina — — The “web series” Charlotte is based on is a real-life experience for its audience, but that’s not the only thing it’s made real.

A web series based on a real life experience is not only fun, it’s also making a difference in the lives of those living in North Carolina.

For many people, real life is what they’re most familiar with, and that includes people in Charlotte, according to Charlotte’s Web creator and creator of the series, Jessica Hynes.

For Jessica, who is a native of New York, living in Charlotte was a “dream come true.”

“Living in Charlotte is what I always wanted to do, to be able to come to work and do my job and have people actually come out and talk to me,” Jessica said.

Jessica’s job was to get people involved with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

When she was first starting out in 2014, she said she didn’t have the tools to get involved in a local community.

“My main concern was that I was a first-generation American and didn’t know a lot of the history,” Jessica told NBC News.

She worked hard to learn as much as she could about the city and the history of the city, and she started working at the Chamber in 2015, with the goal of making the Chamber an official partner of the Charlotte Charlotte chapter.

Jessica also started a website called “Charlotte Chamber of commerce,” which has grown to become a hub for the Charlotte chapter of the Chamber.

The site includes a directory for the chamber and provides updates on upcoming events.

For some, Jessica says, the experience has been “really empowering.”

“It’s really been really nice to have people feel like they’re part of a bigger community and to have them know who they are,” Jessica explained.

While she is proud of the work that has been done, she says she was inspired by a person she met during her trip to New York.

The person was working on the Charlotte chamber website, and when she visited the city she felt like “she was at home in Charlotte.”

Jessica had a conversation with the person, and the two reconnected on the website.

“It really gave me that same sense of wonder that I have about the world around me,” said Jessica.

Jessica has been able to help other communities through the Charlotte web series, and in the past year, she has even seen a few people visit the chamber, and make a real impact on their community.

The Charlotte Chamber has been involved in many events in the city.

A major one was the Charlotte Regional Chamber’s “Spring of Charlotte,” which brought thousands of people together for the first time.

In 2015, the Charlotte County Chamber of Business held the annual “Charlies Best” awards, which included a presentation by Jessica.

This year, the chamber is also helping raise money for the new Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.

“The hospital is a really important part of our community, and I think it’s really important to be here to help,” Jessica noted.

“I think we’ve seen so many incredible stories come from the people that are working in this hospital, and how they’ve helped our community.”

Jessica says that in addition to her work at the chamber website and the Chamber, she’s also trying to bring people together in the Charlotte community through her “Charlie Web” series.

She also hopes that “Charlizee” will be a catalyst for the city to do something new, something positive.

“There’s definitely a lot more we can do to bring the Charlotte area together,” she said.

The Web series, “Charlendous,” premieres on the NBCUniversal web series lineup on Wednesday, October 6 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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