Aussie company is building the future of cloud storage – News Corp Australia

Aussie company is building the future of cloud storage – News Corp Australia

Aussie cloud storage startup, Herion, has announced a major investment into the world’s first ever enterprise-grade cloud-based data storage solution. 

The news follows a flurry of acquisitions in the space over the past few months.

Herion CEO, Peter Leeson, has made headlines before with a deal to buy Amazon Web Services (AWS) in late 2017.

That acquisition led to a $1.5 billion acquisition in 2019. 

Herion’s latest investment into AWS comes with the aim of building a cloud-backed enterprise-class data storage platform to be built in a future timeframe. 

Leeson says that Herion will be building a data-storage platform for both private and public companies and enterprises. 

“This will be a platform that allows organisations to store their own data, while enabling organisations to leverage the scale and agility of the AWS platform to provide their own datacentre, storage and infrastructure services,” he said. 

It will be built by an industry-leading data centre architect who is a leading architect of the largest cloud computing companies, Leeson said.

“The team has extensive experience working with AWS, having worked in the cloud and hosting for a number of years. 

In this capacity, Peter has led development of the most advanced data centre architecture available to organisations. 

Our focus will be on building an infrastructure platform that can enable organisations to scale their cloud infrastructure with a minimum of upfront investment and scale up to scale with no additional investment,” he added. 

One of the big things to look out for with Herion’s AWS-based platform is the ability to handle a huge amount of data.

The Herion team said that the platform will allow organisations to take advantage of AWS’ massive capacity, but also take advantage by storing as much data as they want. 

Sheehan is the first company to go public with a cloud platform in the form of AWS. 

Although it will be focused on AWS-owned data, the company has said it would also be interested in partnering with other cloud-hosted solutions. 

To be clear, AWS is not a new company.

The company’s founder and chief executive, Jeff Bezos, made the announcement on Thursday that the company had purchased the software provider and platform maker Red Hat. 

Earlier this year, AWS bought Red Hat for $13.5bn in cash.

AWS also recently acquired Microsoft, Google, and Facebook for $52bn. 

Amazon has been aggressively investing in the data storage space, which has seen several acquisitions in recent years.

It acquired the cloud-focused Cloud Foundry in 2017 and its own cloud storage service AWS.

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