Why are we so obsessed with the Internet?

It’s the Internet, folks.The Internet, that magical thing that everyone has access to, the Internet that’s so central and all you have to do is connect your iPhone or laptop to the Internet and you can see what people are saying, you can search the Web, you have access to all the latest and greatest in pop culture, politics and […]

The next big thing for web banking: kylas Weber

The next major banking service will have to be web banking.At a panel at the RSA 2017 conference, co-founder and CEO of kylasi Weber announced that they will be releasing their new service at the end of 2017, in conjunction with a crowdfunding campaign.Weber will use her startup, Klei, as the foundation to build this service, with the support of […]

Which companies are losing the most?

Recode’s Peter Kafka is reporting that the number of companies that are “in trouble” has grown in recent months.He said that, in fact, the number has “continued to grow.”The news comes amid an uptick in layoffs at other tech firms.In January, Facebook announced it was shedding around 1,000 jobs.In February, Amazon announced it would cut more than 400 jobs, and […]

How I made $2.8m from Spotify ad deal and more with Spotify’s spotify.com

Axios has acquired a significant stake in Spotify, bringing the company’s revenue to over $2 billion.We are the largest advertising platform in the world, and we are investing in brands to deliver compelling ads to people’s devices, with advertisers spending over $6 billion a year on ads on YouTube alone.Spotify’s platform offers advertisers unprecedented control over what their ads are […]

Why Vixen Has Never Been on TV: The History of the Vixens

The Vixenes, also known as the “Vixen” in the United States, have been a recurring presence on the American television landscape since their debut on the original SyFy series, The Vicious Circle, in 1988.From then on, the Vignettes have gone on to star in numerous television series, films, live-action films, animated films, video games, and video-games, and even a video […]

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